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Regina Humphrey portrait

Regina graduated from Saint Peter's University, with a BA in Graphic Arts and a Minor in Marketing Management. She is a passionate Designer and Illustrator who loves to put a smile on her client's faces. Throughout her four years in college, Regina interned for four companies. Then, she held two more graphic design intern positions postgrad. In July 2017, she worked as a Freelance Intern at Komar, a well-known apparel manufacturing company. During her time there, she assisted different high-end retail departments like Ralph Lauren Polo, Kate Spade, and DKNY with projects. She collaborates with Art Directors from University Presses. She designs covers and illustrations in different industries. She is a member of Pub west and Society of Illustrators. Since 2019, she has freelanced both as a graphic designer and illustrator. Also, in her spare time she volunteers at Free arts NYC.

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